• Global migration of plastics
    IS:9845 1998 Determination of Overall migration of constituents of plastics materials and articles intended to come in contact with Food stuffs.


  • Quality Characteristics of Granular activated carbon


Test Method

Moisture% weight

IS:877/ 1989(Reaffirmed 1999) Activated Carbons, powdered and Granular-Methods of sampling and test

pH of water extract

Ash% by weight


Granular size

Silver %

Laboratory validated method by Na2S2O3 extraction and analysis by AAS

Copper %

Arsenic %

Nickel %


Iodine number mg/gr

ASTM D 4607 – 94

(Re approved 1999

BET surface area m2/gr




  • Metal leachates in Activated carbon / other treatment media
    Simulation studies of Metal leachates from the treatment media. Exposure and extraction method: NSF/ANSI 42 protocol
  • Metal leachates from Metallic components(come in contact with water)
    Customized method
  • Metal leachates from Brass and Copper components
    IS 4985: 2000 Unplasticized pvc pipes (come in contact with water) for potable water supplies specification
  • Material extraction tests of full products and components of water purifiers
    Customized method of exposure and extraction by NSF/ANSI42 protocol and to determine the quality characteristics of extracted water in compliance with IS10500:2012 Drinking Water Specification.

  • Autopsy of RO membranes
    Determining the composition of the scale of fouling by SEM&EDAX combination (subcontracted).

    Isolation of bio-fouling causing microorganisms
  • Quality characteristics of Disinfection resins/ media
    % Iodine, %Bromine and % Chlorine
    Disinfection property: Volume of disinfection/ CC of media
  • Quality characteristics of various media 
    % P2O5, % Solubility in Sodium Hex Metaphosphate
    % Purity of Calcite
    % Purity of Magnesium
    % Purity of citric acid
    % Available chlorine in TCA and other Chlorinated media
  • TCLP (Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure) Tests for spent media
    USEAP method
  • Quality characteristics of detergents and sanitizers
    Active ingredient (standard published method)
    Determination of Disinfection property (customized method)
    Quality characteristics by IS methods

  • Poresize estimation and % porosity of flat sheets of pororus material
    Capillary Porometer method

  • Pore size determination of Filter cartridges with 1,5,10 and 20 micron microspheres
    Customised method

  • Easy Test Kits supply
    Total Hardness as CaCO3 mg/L (Titrimetric method)
    Chloride as Cl mg/L (Titrimetric method)
    Total Iron (colour comparator method)
    Total Available Chlorine (colour comparator method)
    Residual Free available Chlorine (colour comparator method)
    Nitrate as NO3 (colour comparator method)
    TDS meters (hand held)
    pH meters (hand held)
    Consolidated Test Kit (TDS, pH, Total Hardness, Total Iron and Total Chlorine)