Standards Committee

Staff Liaison
Terry Burger

Building Standards Committee 
Hydronics Standards Committee
ISO 30500 National Adoption Committee
Plumbing Standards Committee
Solar Standards Committee
Z1123 (Prop 65) Committee


Policies and Procedures
    • ANSI Essential Requirements

 Committee Scope

The IAPMO Standards Committee is a consensus body responsible for developing and maintaining IAPMO/ANSI standards in accordance with the ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards and the IAPMO/ASSE PP-1 Policies and Procedures for Consensus Development of American National Standards.

Meetings are open to the public at large and all participants are given the opportunity to present their views and supporting information on the proposals discussed at these meetings.

Following the meeting, proposals approved by the Standards committee are posted on the IAPMO Standards Public Review webpage public comment.

If you wish to serve on an IAPMO standards committee, please fill in the Membership Application Form and submit it to, together with your résumé.

If you wish to serve on an IAPMO technical subcommittee, please download the IAPMO Technical Subcommittee Application Form and submit it to, together with your résumé.